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Linkedin is one of the social media sites that is used frequently by professionals now. Founded on ‎December 28, 2002, by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly and Jean-Luc Vaillant, this website has gained massive popularity when it comes to creating an online professional network. The network has 303 million active monthly users, and a user can have a maximum of 30,000 connections. With so many connections, comes the power to market yourself or to influence other users with your portfolio. Not only that but reaching out to so many people at once for free is a wonderful opportunity for communicating with industrial experts and upgrade your knowledge by the best.


The only obstacle in making connections is effort and time. You have to go to the “my network” page and click every “connect” button in order to send a request, which will take too much of your time.

So, today I will help you to do the same in one click, not exactly one-click but fewer clicks and a faster way to connect among other connections.


Now, for the solution, what you need to do is add this script to your LinkedIn webpage, and voila, you will have the solution right there.


You can also follow this video by the way:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Log in to your LinkedIn account.

Step 3: Go to

Step 4: Right-click > Inspect > Copy (Control + v) the script to the mentioned arrow. (Special thanks to Tiago Bértolo)

Step 5: Watch the magic happening.

I hope you find this article helpful, and if you really do, please leave a clap below and comment down your numbers of connections increment in percentage.

Script credits: Tiago Bértolo

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