Annihilation of emotional intelligence

“The personality trait most associated with an interest in the arts is called openness, the tendency to seek out novelty in intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional pursuits.”
― Adam Grant

Human beings are complex in nature and we know that our short and long-term motives keep us connected. We also enjoy the materialistic sense of gratification.

By this age, I have finished my few obligations but when I was working for the organizations previously I have felt like a clown running in the rat race from nine to five corporate work environments like everybody else irrespective of industries and work profile, to live a good life one has to make compromises and do the work.

This feeling from introspection has disgusted me while working under pressure and extreme micromanagement supervision. I would love to share my learning with few readers with examples and how I still try to overcome such shortcomings.

While trying to achieve a better life we think money, fame, success and to be successful in the eyes of relatives, family, friends, and sometimes enemies matter more for few people to stand out from the general crowd and make life look more superior to ourselves, it’s the inferiority complex.

This kind of general idea results in the Annihilation of emotional intelligence.

We all love to share our life with a good life partner and we should do that every time as soon as we land on the opportunity to spread love and affection, in fact, it is our duty to love and protect our loved ones but what happens when they betray us?  

In this situation, most of us take some harsh decisions and it is natural to get distraught.

Being rational is the enemy of emotions it means we have to be emotional to take rational decisions i.e it is impossible to take decisions without emotions, there are several studies available to support this argument.

In my life, I have faced similar situations where I was lost in the rush and undermined my loved ones and outburst of emotions destructed my response.

I always think before we try to master our EQ at our work we should start it with self-realization.

“No love or girlfriend or partner can make you complete if you are incomplete within yourself” Mr.Shwetabh Gangwar who is the author of “Rudest book ever” has mentioned this, it’s not because he is insensitive but he gave the reasoning that it’s companionship in the relationship that matters and self realization should be the first step or priority.

So I have listed a few reasons which can help us at the time of emotional disaster.

 #1 The reasoning is very important to master our emotional intelligence.

  1. We have begun to experience small successes just as we enjoy materialistic happiness in the very initial stage and these successes have bewildered our mind a few times.

Let’s assume that there are few forces on this planet and we undermine such elements because of ignorance and less knowledge we have to control our mind to increase EQ, the solution I propose is to change our focus from material things of sense gratification to transcendental knowledge.

  1. Transcendence can be done if we understand that we live in a city with nine gates consisting of two ears, two eyes, nostrils, mouth, genitals and anus the king in this city is consciousness. Now let’s understand this from the perspective of a tree that sheds its leaves and fruits after growing it for days.

Unfortunately, humans lose their loved ones over a period of time, it is true that we fear such loss because of the efforts we put into building such relationships and bonds and in this process, we tend to develop emotions it’s the birth of emotion.

Once this fear has developed we try to do our best to hold on to everything important to us don’t we do that all the time though we know that life and death are natural for our body but not our soul someone leaving us to hang dry, going out of our life, it is all-natural getting rejected is natural and normal.

So be rational with emotions and think of the best response in such situations.

  1. Let’s talk about our expectations which are sometimes fulfilled and we love that sense of satisfaction and once we are satisfied we adjust in that comfort zone. We generally, get comfortable only if our expectations are fulfilled by our actions but what happens when our expectations are shattered into pieces?

It is natural to become sad or angry and to think that what’s done is not fair. We always think that we deserve better than what we have received, else we move on to the next goal or set new expectations and may face a couple of rejections afterward.

To master emotional intelligence EQ and to overcome challenges I have understood that our soul lives in the city of 9 gates and it’s the smallest atom present in our destructible body so I try to think beyond material existence and enjoyment like (Sex, Money, Fame) as these elements result in the loss of intelligence because at the crucial time we may not be able to think properly.

#2 If humans think the effect of their actions done being angry on others and stop associating themselves with materialistic happiness mastering EQ can be easy.

I have lost my intelligence to anger at times and I hate it.

Bewilderness of mind can result in the loss of intelligence and the moment we become less intelligent our minds will be full of wild thoughts and wrong decisions.

So to stay mentally fit, one should think about:- 

  1. How to focus on what is important for our growth as a species 
  2. What can be done to achieve goals ethically 
  3. How to become more practical with materialistic substances
  4. How to transcend to higher planets 
  5. How to respond to stressful situations       

There are different situations and our response to stimuli is different so let’s try to get the better version of the response with our complete intelligence and stop the external factors (anger, lust, happiness etc. ) influence our decisions in the family or at work and let’s stop annihilation of emotional intelligence.

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