Be in the moment

Too busy looking at your Instagram stories? We can be better than that.

But the question is how?

Snapchat came up with the story idea where our piece of content stays out there for one day, and then we forget it, we tend to forget it. We hate our past so much that we don’t want to look at it again or may be save it for ourselves for the future. Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat, but Snapchat denied becoming a part of the social giant and in the next month, Facebook introduced the stories feature and where you can showcase the world what is up for just the next twenty-four hours on every platform they owned.

I get pretty annoyed when people record birthday parties where I least see the cake but more the phones recording that cake with flashlight creating crappy bling but at the same time, an immoral habit to record everything. And that is just my personal opinion.

But can I ask you to be in the moment?

To just let it pass through you, not for the gram but just for your experience. Just see what is happening directly in the world through your god-gifted eyes, but not through a 10002-megapixel cliché camera that you got ad-trapped in.

Quitting social media and not showcasing the world your wonderful life, seems much of a struggle, but you would be better without it.

We get to see all of these amazing people with amazing dresses and amazing bodies, but what is the purpose here? is the purpose to inspire you or just subconsciously sow a habit of comparing you with others and do better? Giving you a headache already? I get it. Been there. Maybe you can just delete it but FOMO will call you back. One simple thing you can do is just turn off the notifications. But the lack of dopamine will irritate you more and more.

Remember that life is short and it’s too short for recording everything, too short for social acceptance, too short for staying on your phone all day, and too short for living somebody else’s life.

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