Defending My Millennial Family


Millennials — This word might put your mind with wrong colors, give you some lazy vibes, give you a flash of all of the latest social media handles and foolishness or does it? Well, it does. Most of us are lazy, but somehow we can blame this to the most recent wind of technology.

What you will do, when you already have an app, dedicated to dating when you know that thing in real life is tough and hard and might turn out embarrassing or heartbreaking as a result? You will go to the app and start swiping. So, we are not lazy by choice, but by making choices between adamant complicated things and easy + straightforward. This is just like making a choice when you are stuck in a jungle, and you are just out of it. Moreover, then you have an opportunity in front of you — either you go through a mountain, face another lion, or pick up the car and lead your way to the destination through road. What will you choose? You will want the vehicle. Moreover, how we can take the tough choice when nobody told us that it would be more helpful and there will be more learning when you make it.

Our schools/ teachers told us to study and study but never told us the legitimate reason why we are studying. Subjects are non-sensical, Integration and differentiation have no real-life application except if you want to become a scientist, English has been taught like in the form of stories, and no primary focus has been there to improve our grammatical errors.

I see my parents being addicted to their phones and guess what; they cannot leave it. They were just late from us being exposed to the technology. Also, we see technology as a significant business gun machine where you can make money, where you can become an entrepreneur by only working on your laptop. Just look how effective that is. We millennials see that as a productive task. The world has to evolute somewhere, and this is it, this is the new nation.

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