How Cleaning my Stuff cleaned my Mind


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Cleaning is usual, but I never do it. I always feel slothful about it. Picking up your mess is a messy process, and then doing it every day is even messier. My bed, my room, my kitchen, my bathroom, my storeroom, my study table, and my closet, I always hated to even sort my massive pile of clothes and keep them in order. After a hefty day of work, I never had the time to clean my stuff, understand the satisfaction of keeping everything spotless.

And then this lockdown came in, not just for a day or two, but for the whole three weeks. The lockdown felt like a boon to me, where I just have to sit in my home, by my self, without going anywhere, with closed doors, and I began thinking about the leisures I will have while doing nothing, feels like a dream come true. But when it actually started, the first days were effortless, watching my favorite TV shows, reading those savage books that I always wanted to read, showing a total middle finger to productivity, and saying bye-bye to hard work, it all looked easy until I hit the fourth day. I woke up late at 10:30 am in the morning, at this time, my mind automatically went into the mode of regret about sleeping late in the night.

And then you get bored of everything, the online streaming channels, Youtube, productive books (that can help you so much, but you don’t like to read at this point in time), and then we get to see the mess we have already made. And I ultimately found my self in a state of confusion. My mind wasn’t empty anymore, I was not able to focus at anything in particular, not even a TV series, because even when I started with one TV show, my focus automatically shifted to other TV shows. I felt like a prisoner to all the distractions I had in the world.

On the fifth day, I couldn’t move from my bed, as I was not able to see any further point than the existence. But then I saw myself in a mess; literally, everything was in shambles. I couldn’t take up anymore, and then I thought, I can fix this. This is not rocket science, this should have been my priority since day one. But then I thought it’s never too late. I started by picking up basic things from my room, like to pick up lose wrappers on the ground. And then, after executing a simple cleaning exercise in my room, I started with creating a cleaning priority chart in my notepad. I chose my room to clean my room in the first place, my kitchen on the second, and my bathroom on the third, ending up in the bathroom, motivating to finally clean up my self, with a rewarding bath, instinctively cleansing my mind as well, which helped me organize my tasks for the further day.

From a piece of shit, to the piece of success.

We can always do whatever we want to, we might fail and fail again, but don’t let those failures defeat your ambitions, those obstacles will be there, waiting for you to come and make sure to not let you get up when you hit the ground.

I hope this article really helps you in motivating your body to do something productive during this critical lockdowns.

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