How to be Productive while COVID-19 Lockdowns


It doesn’t matter whether this disease gets us or not, but it is undoubtedly getting our brains worried. It is like a situation where we are stuck with ourselves, we cannot move or do anything except introspect and clean our homes. It is surely helping us by giving the time of our lives, to know our family members in a better way, to be aware of the situation that we have enough time to do our own thing. It is satisfying though concerning that a small virus can make us the whole planet to sit in our homes, shut down those big deals, concerts, meetings, production, overruling our operations, that was about to happen during these days.

The economy took a toll for the same, and inversely nature reacted to it. For the first time, it felt like nature was happy, just like a child revived from some disease, from something morbid. The home fronts that we are used to watching every day, while we go out for college or offices or school are looking beautiful more than ever. Empty streets are singing silent songs of tranquility, human beings desolated from each other and isolated from their loved ones, letting nature speak for itself, taking us back to the beginning of our evolution, and demonstrating to us its actual colors, which inevitably left us amazed. The green grass, the blue sky, apparent wind and animals claiming their land back with the barks of solitude, indirectly showing us the middle finger, that what we did with them, is the result of what is happening to us.

And all it comes back to us, we human beings, which are used to generosity as well as being greedy for money and power, chasing numbers to rank better than our own species, leaving the majority of us unproductive, uneasy and unbalanced, dependant on some other tools to get the job done. Well, this time, nobody can help us, none other then our willpower to do something on our own.

So here are some ways to help to achieve our goals by perpetually staying productive even in these lockdowns:

Home Workouts

Home Workouts

Working out at home is not easy, especially when you don’t have any equipment around. But just let’s go back to the gym and remember those pushups, lunges, Jumping jacks, Forward leg swings, Hip extensions, and Bodyweight squats. They don’t need a single piece of equipment or a buck of money that gets you the membership of any fancy gym. So, only the thing that can bring us back to the shape we want is us.

You can follow this effective regime to lose weight:

Jumping jacks: 500 (100 x 5)

Running man: 10 minutes (2-minute x 5)

Pushups: 50 (10 x 5)

Lunges: 60 (15 x 4)

Hip extensions: 60 (15 x 4)

Squats: 100 (20 x 5)

Learning through Online courses

Learning through Online courses

Everyone has its own curiously to know a particular subject, and no subject is there that the internet cannot help us with. We shouldn’t care about the certification, but we should care about the level of knowledge that we want to gain. Udemy provides free courses if you search for it. We can also learn through youtube, those subjects that we always wanted to read such as psychology, or music, or Philosophy, or whatever, we have the access, we have the mouse, and we surely have the time, then what are we waiting for?

Practicing Minimalism

Practicing Minimalism

To practice minimalism, we need to understand it requires a thick skin, thick skin for sacrificing everything we love to keep but is irrelevant in our room. And also, it is related to cleaning our room.

Living a minimalistic life saves us time and helps us in keeping the noise away. It let our mind breath and keep everything in order. What we are required to is create a place for everything aligned to the next relevant thing in your space. Throw away or donate those clothes, that jeans we will never wear, that bat that we will never use, those distorted electronic speakers that we promised last to last week to fix. Keep your space and mind empty, fill it with those things that matter.



As we can feel the silence around us, no cars, no people physically getting in groups and creating chaos, we cannot get a better opportunity than this, where we can meditate on our own. The beginning is always difficult, and how can we hope any different from the method of meditation. We might feel distracted in the starting days, but once we get our mind empty, focusing becomes easy. We can simply focus on anything we want.


The industry is kind of have ceased to exist (Don’t judge me if you are working from home). So, this time you can utilize to think about your past, do not even think about regretting it because it is of no use, analyze the pros and cons, do it in writing if it makes it more graphic, and examine your existence, what problems you have created for the world and how many of the issues in the world have we solved? It looks like a big question, but it does bring us on the line.

We never know when this lockdown will end, but doing these suggestions mentioned above might help us to bring the best version of ourselves in no time. I hope this article helps you in being more productive and more future-ready. Feel free to counter my suggestions or ask me any kind of elaborations for the same.

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