Marks and Money


You would be wondering why I have specifically chosen this title and not something cliché. The reason behind I have chosen this title, is that both of the things have kind of ruined our human species operations in a certain way.

Back to School

Remember the times when we were in school, controlled by CBSE, SSC & ICSE, for nothing. And we just kind of let them do that because we were kids as well as that pressure that came in from our parents was rigorous. Our teachers never explained why they taught, what they taught. And we never asked or questioned anyone the same, we ran like a sprinter, an athlete in a marathon, donating our last drop of blood to those 12th board exams.

Marks was our motivation, to learn and mug up data without verifying whether its true or not. Scoring good in exams just to get across the intelligent lot was and is a standard operating procedure. And honestly, we didn’t have a choice.

Some of us have succeeded in the opposite, they do score low but they did understand the usage of their subjects and where they can be possibly used in the real world, but for the majority of us, it is still a mystery. A school provides us an education, a physical certification that we are educated. It is supposed to give us learning that will remain with us for a lifetime, but the majority of us just battle for marks.


Impotent learning and just aiming to score good leads to confused career goals. Getting a grasp on what are you good at the time of school is a bit of a task, but the earlier we find out, the better. I will blame it on our education system and the way they operate, the syllabus composition include irrelevant series of subjects that won’t even matter, it might be good for our aptitude in the future, but the (x+y) whole square formula doesn’t add up anything to my life. The syllabus should include subjects such as helping other people, healthy finance, the value of consistency, the potential of a subconscious mind and other productive subjects that matters.

Back to the Beginning of a career

Every human being has its own talent. We are all born with something special, that sometimes, that something we don’t even know, and then we all get swaddled into religion and system, traditions and wisdom, criticize and optimize, and ultimately making us to slave for money.

Businesses are operated to earn profits. Teams are created to collaborate and give us something more than an individual can work for, providing services and products relevant to someone else. Money is obviously the fuel that we all need, so we don’t die starving. But it is just like living for each day, without planning, which might sound right, but it isn’t. We all have heard the quotes about how we should live today, without the worries of the past and the future, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work in real life.

Bill Gates gave us Office to work on

Steve Jobs gave us the technology that we need

Jeff Bezos gave us an online system that we can shop on


We have businesses working for money, day and night, but do they really help the world making a better place? The answer to this one is a simple No. Because they never started with why, and what kind of problem they are solving. So, people or I should say, business owners dedicate their life to earn that fortune in order to become rich from poor, and it is impossible for a person to even think about innovating some other product when they don’t even have basic amenities to live their lives, and it all comes down to poverty.

Most of the businesses are initiated because of the emergence of money and the will to prove the world that we can be better.

Businesses can be better, and should not be only started for profits but a mission and a vision to solve something usual in a creative way, and the same thing goes with our roots, our classrooms. Schools should focus on learning rather than only keeping a score relevant system in order to make students grow.

The Theory of Numbers

Numbers become irrelevant when we disregard the core purpose. Whether its money, marks or followers, they are all numbers judging us into certain categories, ranking us into our own stigma. So stop counting and start things from the basics, and start with your why.

I hope this article helps you in finding your “why”, if you still have any questions, please comment down below, and leave a clap, if you feel like it.

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