My Parent’s New Addiction: Their own smartphone


A phone is made to communicate with others but what if it is one of the biggest obstacles to talk to your own parents. And yes, I am talking about myself. I am a 22-year graduate who recently got graduated with a Management & IT degree. I am one of the person who loves tech stuff, internet and any virtual network I can get my hands on. and I have been through the addiction of next-gen smartphones, for like almost 3–4 years.

But I was not expecting that my parents will go through the same. They keep on telling me lame jokes about Whatsapp. They keep on telling me how many friends they have now on Facebook, they keep on asking how can they sign up for Instagram, they keep on watching pathetic videos which their friends keep on sharing with them.

My dad prefers to stay on WhatsApp rather than going for shopping on a Sunday, my mom loves to sing on Smule rather than actually staring the sky during the day, I mean you would’ve been judging for what I have judged her on the singing part. I appreciate her voice but doing that 24×7 just make me wanna kill myself. My dad is fond of Table tennis and we also do own one but my father is always busy scrolling facebook videos on weekend, which I hate the most. I never give up pushing them to stay away from their smartphone but they are my parents. They don’t believe in guidance when it comes from my end, and they start telling me my mistakes, how I was addicted to it. Which may be the right thing to do, but that is no solution to the problem.

What I hate the most is when I enter the house, my mother keeps on singing some old Hindi songs in some fake voice, and the worst part is that she just doesn’t care who entered the house as her earphones are always on.

Technology may be a boon to our lives, but what I see is a lot of relationships are about to fall apart. This is just not my parents, but almost every parent in every house. Nowadays, those kids are lucky who are getting their parent’s attention and they can talk, laugh and live like a family.

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