Nothing changes in your body if nothing changes in your workout


Well-being and fitness are the most significant elements of life. It’s just like another path or a route which has no ends. Although recent decades of livelihoods are more dependent upon informative and knowledge base performing and functioning of day to day routine, which has affected the fitness industry drastically. Body handling should be the utmost priority to enhance your daily lifestyle. Fitness is just like a responsibility which one individual should follow with the right information regarding the body and nutrition. 

Personally, it was too early that I indulged into keeping myself fit, started with playing sports and games back in school. I was on the ground before time and the last one to move out. Back in the 90’s boarding schools were majorly known for its sports and gaming and that is where it started, I was four, and I already knew how to swim, play basketball and even participated in athletics competitions. Swimming and athletics were the only two fields which admired me the most. I gradually started developing more tactics and better performance into the same which no doubt made me realize that it’s a different way of strengthening and challenging your body to be in a state of being fit as these sports do boost your cardiovascular capability and better flexibility. 

I continuously stuck to it for a more extended period until I participated in various competitions like school, states and national levels and later until today, I never have self- doubted my cardiovascular performance. Still, I knew there was a much more in-depth picture to it. For that, I had to be more skilled with upgrading my knowledge regarding other components which contribute in advancing and understanding of body types and its needs that is healthy food and growing muscles and working on all the body parts.

Me getting involved in all types of sports

Going to the gym in college life is on the checklist of every young teenager and so was mine too, but my parents were firmly against this, and they thought it would not lead to any good results. Initially, I started reading and watching youtube pages, but as mentioned above, everything around in this era is more in the form of information. So maybe that was not enough because I had to experience it by myself and for myself. The thirst of building muscles and defining my body to the best stage had already started originating because I firmly believed this would help me contribute better performance in my daily schedule.

In the beginning, being on the gym floor made no meaningful purpose both mentally and physically, I hardly followed a strict diet or better body movement exercises, with no intense motivation. The diverting mode kept on going for almost 8 months or more, with no little satisfactory results and that was quite obvious for me to digest that fact because this is totally a new route where not only cardiovascular power but other combining body components like muscular strength, muscular endurance and flexibility are tested.

 I have personally considered that Lifting weights requires a lot of self-communication of mind-muscle and even person- alertness, if you are absolutely firm about both these factors, well your others routes to bodybuilding are then opened. Self – communication includes the state of mind, it commits the responsibility to strengthen muscles, lifting techniques and squeezing the muscles of that particular body part. In contrast, self-alertness makes you fall for the habits that contribute the significant results, healthy eating, proper rest and sleep in both cases only if your inner self is willing to participate. 

Attitude towards endeavouring fitness goals needs to be more thrilling and pleasuring. Wanting to learn and exercise more escalated rapidly within me. You better eat healthy if you aren’t even working out. I gradually followed my diet, which is the root of your body system. 

Coach Sunny Kamble helping his students

Things were yet not perfect until I met coach Sunny kamble, though there were other skilled fitness professionals on the floor he was different. The energy level that he carried within himself, and the dedication that he committed to his clients were just outstanding. I started to know him, and soon I was his client, he was my instructor for 3 months, and I already felt so positive about him and his knowledge regarding body science and exercises.

I still remember the conversation that we had before our first session. He straightforwardly expressed all the necessary steps which were essential to achieve the desired goals and simply ended saying “if you want to change yourself, you better make it up to it”. His devotion to clients and rage level was just magnificent. I never skipped a day of my training with him because day by day, he made it look so exciting, with an appropriate diet and watching me perform exercises rightly. 

The transformation

After completing the personal training course, I could drastically see the change in my body, the definition, strength and veins popping, with adequate knowledge regarding the diet and nutrition. I could sense the machine power within me. I was into a stage where I never thought I’d be and from this phase, upgrading and improving my fitness goals became more exciting and mandatory, which I preferred to keep as utmost priority. 

There are undoubtedly many ways to keep yourself fit, but strength training has a broader advantage for your body because it helps contribute to your overall body enhancement. I have so far enjoyed my journey into this and would be carrying forward the same with fun and commitment, by acquiring all the vital proteins, nutrients, and vitamins. I would always encourage others to participate and practice strength training by which they can live an active and disease-free life.

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I personally have seen Vasu dedication,
This guy is born to fly!!
And no coach is perfect until and unless he don’t meet a perfect student like you..
All the very best vasu.
I am so proud of you..💪🏻😊


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