The Generation of Diss Tracks


The feeling of disrespecting the enemy is something which has been a major pleasure in the human generation. I mean we always try to hurt and damage them in such a way, so they could not come back with a reply, but they always do, they always find a way to hurt you back. We usually hate people, and when we do, we kind of try to degrade their status with these two approaches: the direct and the indirect one.
The direct one where we just confront the person personally or in public and curse them on their face, and when we curse, we not just say or shout words at that time but induce fire from our own mouth, just to burn them into ashes. And then the indirect one where we just kind of become a diplomat and indulge our hatred mindset into our conversations with others, and that’s what bitching is all about. Here you don’t confront them but turn another person’s mindset against your enemy, because synergy is everything.

India alone has around a population of 1.32 billion people, and how can’t we expect some dirty fights or some disputatious situations. When two people fight, only one person gets all of the benefactors out of it, the third one.
The music industry has really evolved now and Bollywood literally just had it all. I mean now we are really into hip-hop culture, we now love those cracking rhyming words, shouting their soul and artists expressing who they are from inside. Dissing other music creators for real was never really in the past. It was all scripted bullshit, try to capture us into a gimmick, and make us overwrought about things which don’t even matter. But now it all has been changed now. Things are for real.

Emiway Bantai who released his diss track against the rapper giant “Raftaar” also known as Dilin Nair, who once worked with Emiway but now has a war. The video alone got 33 million views on youtube and the starting line is so catchy, that other lifestyle video creators are creating spoofs out of it. and then Raftaar himself came back with hit video in his style dissing him back which was even more prepossessing. And this whole process was done twice. The whole agenda caught a lot of attention in the Bollywood industry and that’s how you create the perfect buzz, and that’s how the audience becomes the third man. And now it has become a trend.

The PewDiePie aka “Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg Vs Carryminati is trending now. pewdie pie caught all in the subscriber’s quant action with T-series when they were fighting and wrestling for the number one title on youtube, Carryminati, who is a famous Youtuber in India and other Asian countries as well. Where he just smashed pewdiepie about how was not the ultimate winner and it was all about the reply back of “Bitch Lasagna” from pewdiepie. This is not even the music industry lads getting into a war but the comedian guys getting funny and creating a buzz around the generation.
I mean overall this is fine as an entertainment genre, but what about the great content? Creators who have much more potential to direct a generation to the right path, inspiring the audience for the right things. And I just wonder that most of the people are aware of the whole “market themselves and get views” agenda from creators and they are still watching these videos, even I count myself in that generation. I get it, we love to hate, we love those fireballs burning other people into ashes, that’s why we watch big boss, that’s why we love WWE.

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